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Information request list

To achieve a precise valuation, evaluate a business and finalise a deal, a substantial amount of information is necessary.


Whilst not exhaustive, the following list provides an excellent initial framework. This information can be shared once a Non-Disclosure Agreement has been executed.

Financial records

  • Annual detailed financial statements for the past three to five years.

  • Monthly Management Accounts for the year to date

  • Annual revenue by customer, for the last 3 years

  • % of revenue that is recurring / repeat

  • Description of any capital investments in last 3 years and any planned investments

  • Details of any tax reclaims made

Legal Documentation

  • Sample employee contract and staff handbook

  • Top 5 customer contracts (by revenue)

  • Contracts with any critical suppliers

  • List of any intellectual property owned

  • Property Leases, if applicable

Operational Records

  • Organogram, with a description of each role, key responsibilities, full time/part time, tenure

  • Overview of systems

  • Overview of key customers and services provided

  • Overview of key suppliers (along with annual spend).

Licenses and Permits

  • Copies of business licenses and permits required to operate your business.

  • Compliance documentation with relevant regulations and industry standards.

Disclaimer: This business documents acquisition checklist serves as a valuable starting point for businesses planning to sell to Firebird Capital. However, it is not exhaustive, and additional information may be required during the due diligence phase.

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